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Los Terrones


Terrafero is a third-party farm, managed by Terrones with export handled by Subsole. Located in the middle of the Copiapó Valley within the Atacama Region, this farm enjoys a privileged climate, having optimal conditions for the production of early table grapes. The Atacama Region has one of the best and sunniest conditions in the world, allowing for the production of high-quality table grapes with great flavor. This allows for the characteristics of each of the varieties planted to optimally emerge, which also translates into high levels of production due to fertile soils and favorable climate.

Since water resources are scarce, Terrafero has invested in state-of-the-art irrigation technology, utilizing telemetry and moisture sensors. This allows us to meet the optimal demand point for the vines and maximize water availability. The water supply is obtained through deep wells.

This farm has 119 hectares planted from a total of 157 hectareas availible. 45% of the planted surface features green varieties such as Thompson and AUTUMNCRISP, followed by red varieties such as Ralli.

Location Terrafero

Región III Atacama
    Tierra Amarilla, Atacama