by Subsole Team: Juan
Los Terrones

Agrícola Don Alfonso

Don Alfonso is a farm owned by Subsole and managed by Terrones. It is located in the mountainous area of ​​the Copiapó Valley within the Atacama Region, which offers optimal conditions for the production of early table grapes. There is minimal rainfall in this area, located near the Atacama Desert, which facilitates the growth of high‑quality fruit. However, the dry conditions in this area require the careful deployment of precious water resources. To use water as efficiently as possible, irrigation and humidity sensors have been installed, allowing effective and efficient irrigation of the fruit. The source of water is deep wells.

Copiapó Valley is one of the best solar‑irradiated areas in the world, so a photovoltaic plant, owned and managed by Subsole, is used to generate energy for the farm. This translates into a more environmentally‑friendly approach to the production of table grapes.

Agricola Don Alfonso has 180 planted hectares of table grapes. Green grape varieties such as Timpson, AUTUMNCRISP, Thompson and Prime predominate and benefit from the services of the Hornitos packing house, located inside its facility, with a capacity of 22,000 boxes per day.

Location Agrícola Don Alfonso

Región III Atacama
    Tierra Amarilla, Atacama