By Subsole Team: Oscar
Los Terrones

Agrícola El Retorno

El Retorno is a third-party field, managed by Terrones, with export handled by Subsole. It is located in the Jahuel area in the Aconcagua Valley, offering excellent climate conditions for agricultural crops, especially for table grape cultivation. Its sandy and loamy soil allow the vines to take advantage of good sun exposure and protection from frost.

In the nearly 100 hectares planted in this farm, there are both traditional varieties (Thompson Seedless, Black Seedless, Red Globe) and protected varieties (Ralli Seedless, Sable Seedless, Midnight Beauty, Scarlotta). This allows the farm to have different colors of grapes, at different stages of the season, to supply different markets. This farm uses the packing services of Subsole’s Hijuelas Plant.

Location Agrícola El Retorno

Región V Valparaíso
    Camino a, E-77, Santa María, Valparaíso