by Subsole Team: Valeria
Los Terrones

Agrícola Segunda Carén

Segunda Carén is a farm owned by Subsole and managed by Terrones. It is located in the Limarí Valley within Coquimbo Region, which is notable for harvesting table grapes before the bulk of other Chilean production. In this region, the development of early table grape varieties has been prioritized to take advantage of the market window.

This farm has optimal conditions for early‑production table grapes. Its light soil, modern irrigation systems and dry climate have high‑temperature days and cool nights. This provides ideal conditions for the growth and maturity of high‑quality grapes.

Agricola Segunda Carén has 37 planted hectares. Red varieties such as Timco, Scarlotta and Allison predominate and benefit from having packing house Carén located inside its facility, with a capacity of 8,000 boxes per day.


Región IV Coquimbo
    Semita, Monte Patria, Coquimbo