by Subsole Team: Juan Cristóbal
Los Terrones

Fundo Doña Helena

Fundo Doña Helena is a farm were Subsole is a co‑investor and whose management is handled by Terrones. It is located in the Jahuel area in the Aconcagua Valley within Valparaiso Region, offering an excellent climate for table grape and mandarin cultivation. In its sandy and loamy soils, the fruit is stimulated by the region’s privileged conditions of sun exposure and protection from frost.

Modern irrigation and soil moisture sensors allow for precise fruit irrigation, resulting in a high-quality product. The water supply primarily comes from deep wells.

Across its 123 hectares of cultivated land, 84 hectares are devoted to table grapes, showcasing Sweet Globe, Krissy, and Cotton Candy varieties. This diverse selection allows to offer grapes of varying colors throughout the season, reaching a greater number of global markets. The remaining 39 hectares are dedicated to Tango citrus.

Location Fundo Doña Helena

Región V Valparaíso
    San Felipe, Valparaíso, Chile