Subsole Comercial

Subsole Comercial was created to provide the in‑country Chilean market with the same high‑quality fruit that Subsole exports globally, supplying supermarkets, wholesalers, food and retail customers.

Central offices are in Isla de Maipo, where the San Miguel processing plant is also located, which has an innovative avocado ripening segregation technology embedded in its production line. Subsole Comercial has been introducing innovations for the domestic market from its inception, such as ready‑to‑eat avocados; special packaging designed for kiwis and clementines that appeals to children; and importing avocados to supply Chile’s supermarkets 52 weeks of the year.

Subsole Comercial is committed to reducing the production of waste and promoting packaging reuse and recycling. As often as possible, any packaging materials that remain are recycled, and an impressive 90% of the fruit Subsole Commercial sells is packaged in reusable containers.

Executive Team
Matías Reeves
Matías Reeves

Business Manager
Internal Market

Angelo Salgado
Angelo Salgado

Plant Manager
San Miguel


Región Metropolitana
    Balmaceda 7200, Isla de Maipo, Región Metropolitana, Chile
    Balmaceda 7200, Isla de Maipo, Región Metropolitana, Chile