by Subsole Team: Juan Cristóbal
Los Terrones

Agrícola Los Acacios

Los Acacios is a farm owned by Subsole and managed by Terrones. It is located in the Maipo Valley within the Metropolitan Region, which provides good climate conditions for the cultivation of late‑season table grapes. Its flat terrain and north‑south orientation allow for optimal light exposure, key for grapes to reach late windows in international markets

Modern irrigation and soil moisture sensors allow for highly‑specific irrigation, which yields high-quality fruit. This farm has implemented the use of covers over the vines. The goal is to protect the fruit – especially later‑season varieties – in case of pre‑harvest rain.

Agricola Los Acacios has 85 planted hectares, focusing on the grow of green varietals. The grapes benefit from having the nearby packing house and cold storage services of Subsole Planta Isla de Maipo, with a capacity of 16,000 boxes of table grapes per day.

Location Agrícola Los Acacios

Región Metropolitana
    G-506 506, Buin, Región Metropolitana