by Subsole Team: Camilo
Servicios Agroindustriales

Planta Isla de Maipo

Since 2006, this plant has processed a significant percentage of Subsole’s kiwis and avocados. Isla de Maipo has NIR (near‑infrared spectroscopy) technology for dry matter measurement embedded in its production line.

Due to its significant capacity, the Isla de Maipo Plant plays a key role in the cold storage chain of Subsole’s high‑quality grapes. Thanks to the wide variety of fruits that are processed, cooled and stored at Isla de Maipo, the plant provides year-round work for the processing team.

Given the high volume of fruit handled at Isla de Maipo, the human team plays an invaluable part in Subsole’s overall success. The team is one of the key reasons the company continues to achieve and maintain the high quality and efficiency standards required by Subsole and its global clients. Additionally, Isla de Maipo proudly boasts a reduced carbon footprint due to its extensive use of solar panels, contributing to Subsole’s commitment to employ green energy.

  • Size: 17,400 mt2
  • Processes: kiwis, avocados and table grapes
  • Storage capacity: 3,900 pallets
  • Packing capacity (boxes / day):
    • 54,000 avocados (box of 4kg)
    • 22,000 kiwis (box of 10 kg)
    • 16,000 table grapes (box of 8.2 kg)
    • 8,000 table grapes (box of 8.3 kg)
  • Plant staff: 70
  • Seasonal staff: up to 550

Location Planta Isla de Maipo

Región Metropolitana
    Balmaceda 6475, Isla de Maipo, Región Metropolitana, Chile