by Subsole Team: Juan Pablo
Servicios Agroindustriales

Planta Hijuelas

This plant, operational since 2008, is key in the packaging, cooling and storage of fruit grown in the northern area and the V Region.

Throughout the year, Hijuelas processes table grapes from the Aconcagua Valley, the bulk of the citrus program (both from the IV and V regions, as well as the Metropolitan Region), and an important part of the northern area’s avocados.

  • Size: 7,762 mt2
  • Processes: citrus, avocados and table grapes
  • Storage capacity: 1,460 pallets
  • Packing capacity (boxes / day):
    • 27,000 avocados (box of 4kg)
    • 8,400 clementines (box of 10 kg)
    • 16,000 oranges (box of 10 kg)
    • 8,000 table grapes (box of 8.3 kg)
  • Plant staff: 59
  • Seasonal staff: 130

Location Planta Hijuelas

Región V Valparaíso