By Subsole Team: Andres
Servicios Agroindustriales

Packing Carén

Located in the mountains of the Limarí Valley, this air-conditioned packaging facility allows fruit to be packaged in a low-temperature environment, cooler in the summer than is typical for this area, Region IV of Chile. Since it’s cooled so quickly after harvest, Subsole’s method of ensuring that the fruit maintains optimal quality is highly effective. An added benefit is that the air conditioning provides the fruit processors with a more comfortable work environment.

  • Size: 3,292 mt2
  • Processes: table grapes and nuts
  • Packing capacity: 40 pallets
  • Seasonal staff: up to 200

Location Packing Carén

Región IV Coquimbo
    Monte Patria, Coquimbo, Chile