Servicios Agroindustriales

Planta el Olivar

Since 2004, Subsole’s Olivar Plant operations have been strategically located between the company’s main production areas in the VI and VII Regions (southern area) and Subsole’s headquarters.

This is an easily-accessible plant as it is near Route 5, Chile’s main road, which allows Subsole to expedite the fruit from office to port.

In 2022, Olivar cold storage began implementing a state-of-the-art cherry packing line. This plant also stores, cools, and inspects table grapes and kiwis.

  • Size: 21,000 mt2
  • Processes: blueberries, cherries, kiwis and table grapes
  • Storage capacity: 2,256 pallets
  • Plant staff: 22
  • Seasonal staff: 55

Location Planta el Olivar

Región VI O'Higgins