Subsole celebrates its historic first season of Sugar Plums

by Francisco Barraza

Savor the fresh Subsole Pomegranates, ready to captivate with their delicious flavor.

by Loreto Lara

Subsole’s team kicks off their vibrant Table Grape harvest in Chile’s North & Central Valleys.

by Roberto

Subsole ignites the start of Copiapo Valley’s new season with the first harvests of Chilean table grapes.

Packing Las Juntas

Subsole kicks off a vibrant Avocado season in the fertile valleys of the O’Higgins region of Chile.

by Natalia & Gonzalo

From Copiapó to Maule, the people of Subsole work hard to ensure the production of grapes of the highest quality.


The use of clean energy is one way Subsole shows respect and appreciation for the environment.

by Alex

Starting from a blank page, Subsole’s mission is to give back to the farmers and to the environment, in return for its bounty.

by Juan

The Future of Fruit®

The Future of Fruit®