Once we harvest the fruit, the challenge is to pack it so as to maintain its quality for the journey ahead.

For the vast majority of our products (kiwis, citrus, avocados, cherries and pomegranates) our team takes responsibility for packaging our growers’ product in our own facilities or, in a significantly smaller amount, on third party facilities; in all of them, the strict standards of our packaging manuals are followed. In the case of grapes, the operation takes place in a large number of packings, some of our own and some belonging to our growers.

In all of the packaging facilities, our quality team is constantly monitoring the fruit to make sure to allocate the correct product in the market that best fits its features.

Our plants are certified to ensure that they are being operated with the necessary respect for our workers and the environment. The focus is on creating environments that helps us produce a safely packaged box both for consumers and for our employees.

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