The process

A whole year’s work at the farm is finally rewarded when the exporting process begins.

In order to have an even quality product our teams develop harvest guidelines, which are analyzed with our growers. Then, they communicate their harvesting team which features are expected from the harvested fruit, both in appearance and ripeness.

The focus is not only in training our employees on proper harvesting, but also for farm workers and those who are giving the guidelines of the activities to be aware on how to create a safe working environment.

Residue testing

A good harvest is that which not only aims at a fruit of excellent quality and taste, but also produces safe fruit for the final consumer.

To ensure the safety of the fruit, the harvest cannot begin until our sustainability team has given its approval. This means that prior to harvest the team sends samples of the fruit to be tested on laboratories; this test is to make sure that it meets the maximum residue limits (MLRs) for the target market. Only when this test is cleared can the havesting process start.

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