Subsole Nuts

In 2013 Subsole Nuts began exporting Chilean nuts to the world; our vision is to become a company with global reach and which can represent an innovative alternative in the Chilean nuts industry. While its first season the focus was on walnuts, in the near future we will extend our operation to almonds, hazelnuts and chestnuts.

The logic behind this company is simple but effective: capitalize on the synergies that exist between Exportadora Subsole SA and the Valderrama Bichendaritz family: Olga Bichendaritz and his son, Edmundo Valderrama. Subsole has a strong presence in the key produce growing areas of Chile, an exporting know how and knowledge of markets and receivers all over the world; the Valderrama Bichendaritz family bring their extraordinary knowledge of the product and the business of dry fruits in Chile and the world, validated by over 35 years of family experience and Edmundo’s (second generation of the family and our General Manager) 18 years of personal experience.

The main markets for this company are Europe, Middle East, Asia and Latin America, markets we’ve reached in our first season and where we strongly increased our volumes during our second season.

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