Agrícola Segunda Carén

This farm, located in up in the Limari river valley, has 67 hectares planted with different grape varieties, all of them certified.

Its light soils, modern irrigation system and dry climate with high temperature days and cool nights, provide ideal conditions for the growth and maturity of the grapes.

Located in a region that is known for harvesting its fruit earlier than the bulk of Chilean production, in this farm we have prioritized the development of early varieties, taking advantage of the window provided by markets when the season is in its early stages.

Production chart

Variety Harvest begins
(Week approx.)
Harvest ends
(Week approx.)
Ralli Seedless 01 05
Thompson Seedless 04 07
Black Seedless 04 07
Scarlotta 05 09
Red Globe 05 09



    • Coordinates:
      30°50’41.95″S and 70°46’10.59″O.
    • Locality
      1 km from the town of Carén, Monte Patria – Coquimbo Region, Chile
    • How to get there?
      From Monte Patria, keep going 30 km south-east on the road to Tulahuen up until the Caren area.
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