Agrícola Los Acacios

This farm, located in the Metropolitan Region, provides the necessary features for growing late fruit with great conditions with its flat terrain and grapevines planted in a north-south orientation so they may have optimal light exposure. This allows its fruit to reach the late windows in international markets.

This fruit is also certified by GlobalG.A.P., GMP, Tesco Nurture and Sedex, which allows table grapes grown in these 111 hectares to access markets and customers all around the world with the necessary certifications to back up the fact that it has been grown following strict environmental and working standards.

In this property we also work with innovation; in particular we have developed the use of plastics over the vines, aiming to protect the fruit -especially the later varieties- in case of rain before harvest.

Production chart

Variety Harvest begins
(Week approx.)
Harvest ends
(Week approx.)
Ralli Seedless 04 07
Thompson Seedless 08 13
Crimson Seedless 10 15
Red Globe 10 13



  • Coordinates:
    33º 48′ 30″ S , 70º 49′ 47″ O
  • Locality:
    Isla de Maipo, Metropolitan Region
  • How to get there?
    The grounds Viluco 1 and 2, Las Pataguas and Los Olivos are located in the town of Campusano, close to Buin. Meanwhile, El Copihue is located at the municipality of Calera de Tango, not more than 20 kilometers from Campusano.
    Both are in the Metropolitan Region, at a distance of about 35 and 50 kms south of the city of Santiago respectively.
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