PArrones de la Agrícola Lonquén

Agrícola Lonquén

Located close to Isla de Maipo, in Chile’s Metropolitan Region, this farm of excellent soil and favourable climate allows us to grow table grapes for export with a focus on the markets’ later windows, ideally trying to grow fruit with GUARDA quality.

In its 64 hectares, table grapes grown are are both of traditional varieties (Thompson Seedless, Crimson Seedless and Red Globe) and protected varieties of great potential (Ralli Seedless and Timco). Four of them are red varieties with different harvest dates, and only Thompson is green. This allows us to target different markets at different times.

As in our other farms, it is key for us to certify our fruit: in this case, the certifications are GlobalG.A.P., Tesco Nurture and Sedex , which opens the doors to interesting markets.

Production chart

Variety Harvest begins
(Week approx.)
Harvest ends
(Week approx.)
Ralli Seedless 04 08
Thompson Seedless 08 12
Crimson Seedless 08 14
Red Globe 08 13
Timco 09 15



  • Coordinates:
    33º46’06,83” S, 70º52’05,12” O
  • Locality
    Isla de Maipo – Metropolitan Region, Chile
  • How to get there?
    The farm is located approximately 60 kilometers from Santiago, at Camino Las Parcelas 486, Isla de Maipo, on the side of the Subsole’s Isla de Maipo packing house.
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