Agrícola Lainca

Agricola Lainca is located close to San Vicente de Tagua Tagua, in the Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Region (Chile’s VI Region), an area known because of its privileged conditions for the production of table grapes.

This farm has been key for Subsole as an innovation center; it was among the first farms in the country to be GlobalG.A.P. certified and today there are 11 different varieties of table grape being grown in its 272 hectares; most of them are protected varieties that have only recently been released to be planted in our country. In this farm we have also worked in validating technologies to study the soil hydration and optimal times and volumes of irrigation; and studies on the effects of products (or non-use of them) in the production of fruit.

One of the key projects currently being developed here is the use of plastic to cover the vines; this was originally to protect the later fruit from rains during harvest time, but we have also realised that they have an effect that allows to bring forward or delay harvest dates. As we progress in these studies we have discovered other benefits such as its positive impact on the crop’s volume and strength of the plants.

This farm is also GlobalG.A.P., Tesco Nurture, Sedex, BRC, GMP+HACCP, Walmart and Albert Heijn certified. These certifications confirm that our work is actually being developed according to guidelines based on our respect for the environment and our workers.

Production chart

Variety Harvest begins
(Week approx.)
Harvest ends
(Week approx.)
Ralli Seedless 03 06
Superior Seedless 03 12
Magenta 05 12
Timpson 06 12
Thompson Seedless 06 12
Midnight Beauty 07 11
Sable Seedless 07 11
Krissy 08 11
Timco 09 13
Crimson Seedless 10 15
Scarlotta Seedless 11 15



  • Coordinates:
    34º 27’ 46’’ S  71º 08’ 36’ O
  • Locality:
    San Vicente de Tagua Tagua – Libertador Bernardo O’Higgins Region, Chile
  • How to get there?
    On Ruta 5 Sur take the Pelequen exit, then enter Ruta H66 arriving at San Vicente de Tagua Tagua. Finally, go through the old bridge to the area of Laguna Millahue on Ruta H830. The farm is located just 8 km from San Vicente (145 kms from Santiago).
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