Agrícola El Retorno

The Jahuel area in the Aconcagua Valley offers excellent climatic conditions for agricultural crops, especially for growing table grapes. In Agrícola El Retorno’s sandy loam deep soils its vines grow stimulated by the area’s privileged conditions of sun exposure and protection from frost.

In the nearly 100 hectares planted in this farm there are both traditional varieties (Thompson Seedless, Black Seedless, Red Globe) and protected varieties (Ralli Seedless, Sable Seedless, Midnight Beauty, Scarlotta), which allows us to have different coloured grapes at different stages of the season to provide different markets. This quality fruit grown in these privileged natural conditions and with our technical expertisse can be exported in special programs to different receivers throughout the world. This requires the farm to be properly certified: we are currently GlobalG.A.P., Nurture’s Choice and Albert Heijn certified.

Production chart

Variety Harvest begins
(Week approx.)
Harvest ends
(Week approx.)
Ralli Seedless 03 08
Sable Seedless 04 08
Thompson Seedless 05 11
Midnight Beauty 05 09
Red Globe 09 13
Scarlotta 10 14



  • Coordinates:
    32°42´59.10” S, 70°38´04.36” O
  • Locality:
    Santa María, Jahuel sector – Valparaíso Region, Chile
  • How to get there?
    From San Felipe head to the town of Santa Maria; take the north exit of the city that leads to Las Termas de Jahuel. The property is located 5 kilometers up the road.
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