Good work and quality fruit is an excellent introduction letter for Chile to the world; and agriculture is a key factor of Chilean activity. So our history has brought us close to our local stakeholders, especially those associated with agriculture, such as the Ministry or the FIA (Foundation for Agricultural Innovation).

Our team is also an active member of the different fruits’ committees in the country, and we have developed working groups with other major players in the industry in order to find areas for improvement and innovation in the agricultural world.

Our perspective has also brought us closer to important stakeholders concerned with labor, environmental and energy issues. One is the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) with whom we have shared visions and developed interesting projects. We have also worked together with groups from the Catholic University of Chile, for example, in our study of the Chilean agricultural workers’ motivations.

We have also proved that we are trustworthy due to our record of good work and innovation, so we have been positioning ourselves as more than just a customer: we have become strategic partners for many of our customers.

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