Un gran equipo de trabajo

Our workers

Delivering healthy, tasty and quality fruit begins by having happy and comfortable workers in a work environment marked by conviviality.

To achieve this, we have dedicated years to creating the best spaces so that each working group develops in optimal conditions, strengthening communal tasks and keeping focus on the local reality of each facility.

Our strength

Workers are our mainstay; that is why we have focused on giving strength to their development, supporting them with tools such as training or feedback of their work. We also support mutual development through an “open door” culture, where any worker can easily approach us to ask or seek advice in areas ranging from employment to more personal issues.

To measure our efforts and find areas for objective improvement, we have been part of the Sedex initiative for years, which puts the focus on raising the ethical standards of our relationship with our employees; therefore we routinely audit our production sites and we use feedback to improve every day.

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