Ricardo Ariztía – Talagante

The Ariztia family is a partner with Subsole and is represented by Ricardo Ariztia. He has worked over 15 years in agriculture, although the family itself has several generations working the land.

They grow grapes, avocados and citrus, among others, and are always looking for new places to ensure the quality of their products.

But that’s not all. One of their priorities is that the staff is happy, with their labor and human needs taken into account. Consequently, they have a department dedicated exclusively to meet the requirements of the more than 600 people who work here.

On the other hand, their concern for the care of the environment is constant. To mitigate the impact that plantations could eventually generate, they protect gorges and build paths for the evacuation of rainwater, working with the highest standards of safety and cleanliness, including the planting of native trees.

Farm info

  • Talagante, Metropolitan Region
  • Ricardo Ariztía Tagle
  • Empresas AT
  • Avocados: Hass, Citrus: Navel Oranges
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