Zonas de producción de granados

Production Zones

Throughout Chile, different climatic zones and soil types accommodate pomegranates crops.

The ideal climate is semi-desert Mediterranean, which is characterized by long dry summers, where high temperatures are key to fruit ripening.


Chile’s mountainous area in the IV Region presents ideal conditions to grow pomegranates: low relative humidity and high temperatures are required, and they characterise this area’s climate. Moreover, the strong temperature variation between day and night and the area’s high brightness help pomegranates acquire a uniform and intense color, without spots.

Valparaíso Region

As it is harvested after the north, our presence in the region allows us to extend our productive window. To maintain the northern quality, our technical handling is key for the fruit to acquire its characteristic red color; also lower light intensity helps prevent sunstrokes.

Production volume by zone

Zone Production in Kilos
Coquimbo region 180.000 Kg
Valparaíso region 180.00 Kg
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