Variedades de paltas


There is a wide range of avocado varieties and selections in different parts of the world, but the variety of highest consumption and best travel capacity in our country is Hass, one of the best selling (if not the best selling) variety in the markets where we send our product.

Its good taste, creamy texture and post harvest life are among the reasons for it to be the favorite so far; because it can grow in different countries and exported from them, our final customers can take advantage of this delicious avocado variety year-round.

Hass avocados have an oval shape and are generally medium in size. Their skin is rough, with a green color that progresses to darker tones when maturing in the tree. Once harvested, and as it continues to ripe, the skin of these avocados switches to a black-purple; when this happens, they are ready to be eaten.

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