GEM es una nueva variedad de palta que nos permitirá dar un mejor producto por un mayor tiempo

New Varieties

We are constantly looking for new varieties that could grow better quality fruits and offer better returns to our growers; when it comes to avocados, we are currently working on the development of GEM, a variety developed in California in the early 60s by the researcher Grey E. Martin (his initials giving name to this variety). We will develop this promising patented variety in Chile working closely together with our South African partner, Westfalia, who are developing it in their country.

GEM’s nutritional characteristics are very similar to those of the Hass avocado. However, it has a more oval shape and a smoother skin; its skin is green in the tree and turns black/dark burgundy after harvest when it is ready for consumption.

It is estimated that the harvest date for GEM could be a month and a half later than Hass, which would lengthen our growing season and allow us to export fruit even later in the season.

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