The main market for Subsole avocados is the European market, followed closely by the East Coast of the United States. The Chilean market is also relevant: in it Exportadora Subsole leads in delivering ready-to-eat avocados selected with state of the art technology, an innovation in the Chilean market.

To develop this position in the European market a key factor was the joint venture developed with Westfalia, the largest exporter of avocados from South Africa to Europe. Together, we are able to provide different supermarkets in Europe with avocados of the highest quality standards under one label and for the 12 months of the year.

Europe demands high quality and small and medium sized fruits, which fit very well to the curve of Chilean production calipers. The medium to large sizes, preferred by the United States, are shipped to that market.

2012-2013 Season export volume

Market Kilos Percentage
Europe 5.053.824 69.81%
USA 970.464 13.41%
Latin America 608.411 8.40%
UK 606.848 8.38%
TOTAL 7.239.547
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