Corte de Palta - Salud y Nutrición
Calories 160 kcal
Total fat 14,66 gr
Saturated fat 2,126 gr
Polyunsaturated fat 1,816 gr
Monounsaturated fat 9,799 gr
Sodium 7 mg
Potassium 485 mg
Carbohydrate 8,53 gr
Fiber 6,7 gr
Protein 2,0 gr
Source: USDA - National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference (Release 26)

Health & Nutrition

Before anyone else, the inhabitants of the avocados’s original landscape, Yucatán natives, had already recognized their health related and beauty properties; they also considered it a powerful aphrodisiac!

Vitamins and minerals

Recent studies have validated that avocados are an excellent addition to a healthy diet because it provides about 20 essential nutrients. It is also a good source of potassium, which helps to maintain cardiovascular health and helps recovery after severe physical activity. In addition, when eaten with other foods, it helps the body to better absorb some nutrients.

Like our other products, avocados are a good source of fiber.

“Good” fats and antioxidants

Avocados contain monounsaturated fats, making it a good source of “good” fats which have been linked to helping the fight against cholesterol. Although their energy intake per gram has been associated with weight gain, but in fact, when consumed responsibly – and given its input of good fats and nutrients – it can be a good ally for weight loss.

It also has many antioxidants that have been considered as actors against free radicals,which is responsible for diseases such as cancer and cardiovascular problems.


It also has many cosmetic uses thanks to its moisturizing characteristics: its fats quickly get into the skin and hair, and that is why it is widely used in industrial products and can also applied directly the skin with great results.

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