The potential


Subsole’s photovoltaic park sets a precedent for Chilean and international agriculture, as well as for the development of clean and renewable energies in the industrial sector of our country, because it demonstrates that it is possible to employ energy with zero emissions of CO2 to produce high-quality fruits, even at the most arid desert of the world.

It is an innovative solution for a country that it is looking to diversify its energy sources, wants to have more clean energies in its matrix and, at the same time, wants to develop: this project is perfectly replicable on other zones of Chile and in any kind of industry.

New business opportunities

This project will bring new business opportunities. With the production of the Copiapó Valley, we will continue harvesting table grape 2 months earlier than in any other part of Chile. Moreover: we will reach the highest international standards about environmental care and sustainability, laying the foundations for the future.