Solar farm

The innovative spirit that always characterised us, had led Subsole to be the first company in Chile to use solar panels (photovoltaic system) in order to produce fruits.

The project

We installed 1 hectare of solar panels in the Copiapó Valley, at the III Region, that will generate the necessary energy to pump the ground waters and, with that, irrigate over 265 hectares of grapevines, that produce exporting grapes in the middle of the Atacama Desert.

As the solar radiation of our desert is the highest in the world, the climate conditions are ideal for the profitable use of solar panels, giving us the chance to farm efficiently. And due to the reliability and potential of the project, we have the technical and financial advice of the IDB.

  • The Energy

    The solar radiation of our desert is the highest in the planet, giving the ideal climatic conditions in order to use solar panels. These allow us to produce fresh, healthy and delicious fruit in an efficient and sustainable way… With zero emissions of CO2 and no carbon footprint!

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  • The Potential

    We set a precedent for the future of agriculture, as well as for the development of clean and renewable sources of energy in the productive sector. This project proves that it is possible to employ clean energies for industrial use, even in the most arid desert of the World!

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  • Location

    The farm where the solar panels are located is called Agrícola Don Alfonso Limitada, in the Copiapó Valley (III Region of Atacama). It has a surface of 265 hectares and gives job positions for over 200 people in their farm works, harvesting and packing processes.

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