• Rodrigo Orpis – Angostura

    Rodrigo Orpis is an associate of Agrícola El Maitén, which is a family business composed by 3 brothers. They are located in the Sexta Región (Sixth Region), in the Colchagua Valley, in the zone of Angostura.

    This is a growing project of table grapes, founded in the basis of the own will of these farmers, planting a terrain that was owned by their grandparents, where today we can find 4 hectares of the Thompson variety, 6 of Red Globe, 4.8 of Crimson and 6 of Ralli, that where cropped this same season.

    One of their main concerns is the matters that have to do with certifications, in order to fulfill all the international quality standards within their products.

    When we talk about human resources, the people who work here are mainly from this very same zone of Angostura. This way, they can offer them an opportunity and a permanent employment development, helping with the growth rate of this locality.