• Paula Bustos – Melipilla

    Paula Bustos is the agronomist in charge of these 40 hectares of avocados in the Viña Chocalán, in Melipilla, Metropolitan Region.

    Here there is a micro-climate that helps the growing of this fruit, due to the positive influence of the Maipo River. The soil is privileged for its production, at the same time that the altitude protects them from extreme temperatures that can be very harmful.

    Viña Chocalán has the ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) certifications, and in this moment they are working in their carbon footprint, in order to be clear in how are their emissions to the atmosphere and, finally, work to reduce them. They are also working in the first Corporate Social Responsibility report, which will be probably published in June this year.

    Since 2005, continuously, Viña Chocalán has been certified by Global GAP, thanks to the implementation of the Good Agricultural Practices.