Ralli - Sn. Vte. Tagua-Taguauva

Table Grapes

Ralli - Sn. Vte. Tagua-Tagua

Among the nutrients that the table grape provides, we can highlight the sugars and vitamins. Sugars contribute with calories to the body and vitamins (folic acid and vitamin B6) help in the production of red and white corpuscles and in the production of antibodies of the immunologic system: that makes it very recommended during the first months of gestation, due that it prevents lots of alterations of the nervous system during the foetus development.

It is important the contribution in vitamin B6, because it helps to maintain the usual functioning of the brain.

The phenolic compounds present in the table grape provide a powerful antioxidant action. They are being object of numerous studies, specially on the tannins, anthocyans and flavonoids, showing their effectiveness on blocking  the growth of tumours.

The flavonoids help to the good circulation in the arteries through vasodilation, which increases the blood flow and fights the arteriosclerosis. Due to these characteristics, table grape strengthen the good functioning of the arteries and the heart.

Its richness in fibre gives them properties similar to a light laxative, so its recommended not to be peeled and to be eaten with seeds, specially in people who suffer from constipation and motility problems. Likewise, it’s an advisable  fruit  for its diuretic effect, helping in cases of gout, kidney lithiasis, arterial hypertension and other ailments associated with liquids retention.