Logotipo Sembrador


Sembrador Capital, incorporated in 2005, is Chile’s first investment fund manager focused on agricultural innovation.

When Subsole and Larrain Vial investment bank became partners, they boosted the fund manager thanks to the unique set of know how each had: while Subsole brings its knowledge on agriculture and international markets associated with fruit, Larrain Vial contributes with their world class knowledge of financial instruments and management. This knowledge, combined with Sembrador’s team, results in an innovative, modern and efficient fund manager that stands out in domestic and foreign circles.


Sembrador currently manages 3 funds: 2 almost fully invested, the third just raised. Through the management of over USD 40 million (and growing) in highly innovative agricultural investments that take advantage of favorable conditions in the country (climatic, geographical and of governance) this fund manager boosts Chilean agriculture.

For more information regarding Sembrador’s team, funds, investments and future projects, we invite you to visit their website http://www.sembrador.cl/.

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