Los Terrones

Agricola Los Terrones S.A. was established in late 2010 to get the different farms associated with Subsole under the same management team and guidelines. For us it is crucial to plan and control the technical and financial management of the various agricultural investments of the group to efficiently produce fresh and exportable fruit of the highest quality throughout Chile.

In our farms, located from Copiapo Valley in the north of Chile, throughout the country, down until Chile’s IX region, we make the most of the particular characteristics of each terroir to produce high-quality fruit. We do so with the utmost care for the environment and respect for the employees of each company, in accordance to Subsole’s guidelines. To back this claim, every year we renew our certifications and make sure we not only meet the current legislation, but that we generate pleasant and safe working environments.

Innovation is a key factor in our operations: besides working with proprietary varieties, we seek and we implement technologies – such as weather stations, irrigation probes, determining pond ability in soils and crop demands in different growth stages, plastic over crops – which not only allow us to be more efficient in the use of energy and water (key in our operation) but also help us to care for our fruit and produce better quality.

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