Focusing on making our fruit known for its quality and bringing the best possible return to the producer -thus creating a virtuous circle along the production chain- has been our goal since our first grape export in the early 90s, and has remained so as we included kiwis, citrus, avocados, cherries and pomegranates. We do all this while maintaining high standards of care for the environment and our workers.

Our strategy has been successful: more than two decades after our first export we are now working with more than 150 farmers and over 3,000 hectares of farmland.

A group of excellence

It all began when Miguel Allamand and Eduardo Rodríguez (grower from the VI Region) partnered to create an exporting company with a focus on facilitating and further involving growers, customers and employees and therefore being an active agent of the development of those involved in the process.

Shortly after, new members joined, this time from Chile’s northern area: the Prohens Espinosa brothers from Copiapó. Over the years, new members have joined and today Santiago Correa, the Ariztia group and our executives are also part of our shareholders.

Agriculture for the future

Our main focus is on working closely with our farmers to grow the best fruit intended for the right destination, because we understand that “exporting is not a good deal if its not good for our farmers”.

In the process we have created a unique place to develop strategies that allow us to take care of two of the most important aspects of our business: our environment, on which we depend to produce our fruit, and our workers who are the backbone of our operation. This is why our operation respects both our workers and the environment, and in order to make these guidelines accountable, we have set a certification program that helps us validate what we do and improve critical points.

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