Vista de las plantaciones de clementinas

Agrícola La Campana

Located at the edge of the La Paloma reservoir, in the province of Ovalle, this farm has a privileged habitat for quality citrus production; also, its dry conditions allow us to grow pomegranates.

Agrícola La Campana manages 210 hectares considering two plots located on the opposing sides of the reservoir: Mirador Farm and La Paloma farm. In these farms we grow early clementines and early pomegranates of protected varieties (which will go into production in the 2015 season). Given the enormous importance of water in this area in the north, where the influence desert conditions can already be felt, our fruit is watered with drip irrigation and we carefully monitor soil moisture so we may use water more efficiently.

This farm’s fruit is also certified granting us access to interesting commercial programs in different markets, especially in the U.S. (main market for Chilean citrus). The fruit is packed in a packing house located in the farm, allowing us to not move it as much and take better care of the packing of this delicate fruit.

Production chart

Variety Harvest begins
(Week approx.)
Harvest ends
(Week approx.)
Oro Grande 18 22
Clemenules 18 25



La Campana: 30°44’38.39″S, 70°57’34.92″O.
La Paloma: 30° 45’ 32,97” S, 71° 01’ 39,92” O

Monte Patria, El Palqui-Huanilla sector – Coquimbo region, Chile.

How to get there?
Exit Ovalle towards Monte Patria by ruta D -55; 30 Km inside Ovalle you reach a roundabout and turn at the first exit. El Mirador farm is located in 5 km from the roundabout.

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