Water management

Water has always been a fundamental resource for our operations; in recent years international awareness has reinforced our belief that it is not only a necessary good, but also a scarce one.

Because of this, its optimal use is an essential part in the production of our fruit; both a lack or an excess of water could affect the balance of our plantations and adversely affect our operation. Moreover, the proper use of water allows us to save energy by watering just enough and to return more water to the country’s system.

To make optimum use of this resource, we have promoted the use of new technologies to monitor the waters in the farms; this has allowed us to make more efficient use of this resource, watering very close to the optimum for plants, maximizing its use and allowing for a better development of the plant.

We also work together with Chile’s Agricultural Research Institute (INIA, Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias) in a project to measure the water footprint for different farmers, and develop a protocol for a rational use of water based on its results.

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