Paneles solares Fundo Hornitos

Energy management

We understand the relationship between taking care of the environment and obtaining quality and healthy fruit. Soil and water management are key, but we decided to go further and improve our energy by seeting ourselves two main goals: to reduce the energy consumption and to incorporate renewable energies in our operations. Thanks to this plan, we were the first to develop a photovoltaic plant for agricultural purposes.

Saving energy

The first step has been to determine for critical points on  our operation on which we should focus on. Based on this, we appointed a comptroller to develop and lead the implementation of our  electrical consumption reduction program; the main goal is to achieve a decrease of 10 % in our consumption as a company.

The next step is the development of a management system based on ISO 50001, the energy management standard developed by the International Standardization Organization. The challenge is to align our entire team on how to use energy and thus fulfill our goals of energy efficiency, energy security and energy use.

Solar Panels

Our second line of work was the installation of a photovoltaic power plant in our farm at Agrícola Don Alfonso, in the Hornitos area. Located in the III Region of Chile, it is on the edge of the Atacama Desert; this desert is one of the areas with the strongest solar radiation on the planet, making its potential for photovoltaic energy very high. Thanks to this plant, the energy used in the farm’s operations will be clean and renewable; the remainder enters the Central Interconnected System (which provides electricity to most of the Chilean territory) providing clean energy to the grid.

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