Tesco Nurture

Tesco Nurture is a special certification developed by the British supermarket chain Tesco. It was created in 1992 to ensure its customers that the products sold in its stores are produced ethically and safely and has since been implemented in different countries and products throughout the world.

While this certification considers all aspects of GAP (Good Agricultural Practices), it has a special focus on issues of respect for the environment and bio-diversity management associated with the rational use of fertilizers and manures; issues of recycling, reusing materials and general measures to reduce the production impact on the environment; food safety; research for saving key resources such as energy, water and other natural resources; as well as conservation and improvement of the natural environment in which the property is located.

Exportadora Subsole was the first Chilean exporting company to implement this certification, and currently a high percentage of our producers have been certified, opening the doors to Tesco for their fruit.

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