Customers around the world require increasingly that the different actors in the supply chains work ethically, respecting both workers and the environment. This is in line with our vision as a company but it is not enough to state it: we must be able to prove it.

To do so, since 2006 we worked under SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange). This nonprofit organization is an independent verifier (not a certification) with a focus on the ethical work guidelines contained in the ETI code (Ethical Trading Initiative). The evaluation of each company’s performance is done by audit firms that, through SMETA protocol, verifies and makes the results of these evaluations available to customers through Sedex. In this way customers can track the ethical performance of our plants and the packing of growers who have joined SEDEX.

The statements of each plant and associated packing can be completed either personally or by a party representing SEDEX.

Our HR team has been actively using this tool for measuring our performance, following their guidelines to implement policies that are beyond mere compliance with the provisions of the law on good practices towards our employees. SEDEX guidelines are updated constantly via worldwide trends and, on a more local level, via interviews with workers and through mailboxes that are placed in order to collect their feedback; this allows us to constantly monitor and improve our performance.

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