certificacion bpm

GMP (Good Manufacture Practices)

Food safety and good practices do not end on the farms, they should continue throughout the entire supply chain so as to provide a final product that meets the market requirements.

Therefore, the certification of packing and cooling plants is also important for us. Our basic certification in these cases is GMP (“Good Manufacturing Practices”). This certification was developed with a focus on the processes of packing and cooling of the fruit, and the buildings where such processes take place: the standard covers issues such as pest control, traceability and recall, sanitation, food defense, maintenance, control of foreign materials and HACCP (“Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points”).

Our plants have been certified and when we work on thirs party facilities, our team works with them in order to certify them. Today, as in the case of GLOBALG.A.P, most of our operations are certified under this standard.

For more information on this certification: http://www.primuslabs.com/services/standardgmp.aspx

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