certificacion globalgap

Global GAP

GLOBALG.A.P is a global standard that certifies compliance with good agricultural practices in the growing process of our fruit.

This certification was born in Europe in the ’90s and today is the most representative global industry standard. Its origin lies in the concern of consumers (and therefore supermarkets and retailers) for their products to meet food safety standards and be produced respecting their workers and the environment. By joining criteria under this certification, the certification process became less burdensome for growers because it reducesdthe diversity of certifications; and for marketers and end consumers because it became the standard which everyone shares and undertands. In 2007 this certification went from being known as EUREPG.A.P to be known as GLOBALG.A.P. as it became popular worldwide. Currently a large percentage of customers all over the globe consider it a basic requirement.

Our producers, supported by our sustainability team, were among the first in the country to be certified, more than 13 years ago; since then our team had especialized and has become a support for our growers to prepare for and achieve this certification. Today most of our producers are GLOBALG.A.P certified; this protocol is an excellent base on which to work more specific certifications and that is why having it makes it easier to implement them, giving GLOBALG.A.P an extra value with this basic feature.

For more information on this certification: http://www.globalgap.org/uk_en/

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