Albert Heijn

Albert Heijn, one of the largest supermarket chains in the Netherlands and Belgium, has a specific protocol for fruit marketed in their stores.

Taking GLOBALG.AP as a basis they have developed a standard intended to ensure compliance with their strict pesticide standard, which considers a maximum residue limit (MRL) which is 50% lower than the standard of the European Union; it also pays close attention to waste on the process and how to diminish it.

This protocol’s aim is that specified levels of MRLs are achieved by working the product at the farms and packing houses. To meet this standard a risk analysis is elaborated in the farms; based on it, specific control measures are defined as well as the number of samples to be taken.

The farms selected for this demanding program must be audited annually, ideally at the same time as they are being certified with GLOBALG.A.P. In addition to this audit, a strict sampling program for pesticide residues, both in origin and destination, takes place. The information on each of these farms and packinghouses is updated on a website.

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