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Certification & Initiatives

Since we began our operations, consumer confidence and respect for the environment and our employees have been our main concerns, but for years we did not have the tools to operationally measure these in a global framework. In 2000 we were able to give it visibility when we began with our certification program. Though they were not mandatory back then, many of our growers and our team believed in its usefulness to give focus to an ethical and responsible work.

This start gave our team an advantage for when certifications finally became a requirement to access some interesting markets and customers; we already understood them and we had been working to implement improvements in our weaknesses for a while.

Today we work to support our growers, packinghouses and processing plants in their food safety, environmental and working conditions certifications. Among them there are: GlobalG.A.P, BRC, BPM + HACCP, Tesco Nurture, Albert Heijn and Walmart. These certifications have proven to be an excellent measure to adjust our work and align with global trends. We are also part of initiatives like SEDEX, which without being properly a certification allows us to assess our performance on issues related to our working conditions and help us to keep improving.

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