Ramón Eyzaguirre – Placilla

Ramon Eyzaguirre is the manager of the farm property of Macarena Larrain.

In this video he is in the town of Placilla. They grow table grapes of various species, such as Thompson Seedless, Crimson Seedless and Autumn Seedless, all certified by Global GAP as well as Tesco Nurture, thereby observing the environmental and workplace areas.

The work on the vines requires much labor and so, for Ramon, the issue of human resources is essential. As he says, “we must care for our workers, protecting their labor rights and creating a pleasant environment to keep them happy”. With the efforts of all, the ideal conditions are created to give the consumer a high quality grape, sweet and wholesome, produced under a framework of respect for nature and people.

Farm info

  • Placilla, Libertador Bernardo O'Higgins Region
  • Ramón Eyzaguirre
  • Macarena Larraín
  • Table Grapes: Thompson Seedless, Crimson Seedless & Autumn Seedless
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