Ramón de la Fuente – Melipilla

Ramon de la Fuente Jofre has always worked with his father, Ramon de la Fuente Cardemil. 33 years ago they decided to change their turn and devote themselves to agriculture in the town of Melipilla, Metropolitan Region. Today they produce high quality fruit, very tasty and nutritious.

For them, this is due to the good quality of the water that irrigates their farms coming from the Maipo River and mainly crystal clear groundwater.

The example they give as father and son is to be celebrated, because thanks to their hard work they together have formed a beautiful place that also encourages healthy eating.

Farm info

  • Melipilla, Metropolitan Region
  • Ramón de la Fuente
  • Comercial y Frutícola de la Fuente Ltda.
  • Table grapes: Red globe
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