Paula Bustos – Melipilla

Paula Bustos is the agronomist in charge of the 40 hectares of avocados in the Viña Chocalan in Melipilla, Metropolitan Region.

Here there is a microclimate that favors the cultivation of this fruit, as well as the beneficial influence of the Maipo River. The floor is also preferred for its production, while the altitude protects from extreme temperatures, which can be extremely negative.

Viña Chocalan has the ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environmental) certifications, and are currently working on carbon footprint, to be aware of their emissions and consequently reduce them. They are also working on the first report on corporate social responsibility, which should be published in July this year.

Global GAP has continually certified them since 2005, thanks to the implementation of Good Agricultural Practices.

Farm info

  • Viña Chocalán
  • Melipilla, Metropolitan Region
  • Paula Bustos
  • Viña Chocalán
  • Avocado: Hass
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