Oscar Prohens – Copiapó

The Prohens Espinosa family is the largest producer of grapes in the valley of Copiapo, in the Atacama Desert, III Region.

They are partners with Subsole for nearly 20 years and harvest the earliest table grape in the country, which means it is the first to be exported.

Oscar Prohens, one of the leading producers in this family, tells us, “we are not only concerned with “producing and producing” but to have all employees in good working conditions, with the greatest possible comfort.

For Oscar, it is very important to comply with all international standards of agricultural production, in addition to the highest certifications, respecting the environment and the welfare of his employees.

He is a pioneer in planting new varieties, such as Midnight Beauty, and Ralli Seedless Prime, revolutionizing the market.

Farm info

  • La Cantera
  • Hornitos, Atacama Region
  • Óscar Prohens
  • Table Grapes: Thompson Seedless, Ralli Seedless & Flame Seedless
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