José Tomás Peñafiel – Punitaqui

Jose Tomas Peñafiel is a producer of table grapes and works different varieties of this fruit in the IV Region of Chile, near Ovalle: among them is the variety Red Globe, Rose Queen and Crimson Seedless, which is the last to be harvested at the end of April. Alongside Subsole he has obtained various certifications that guarantee the quality of his fruit and the good work practices in use, such as Global GAP and Tesco Nurture. In turn, the good relationship with the farm and friendly production to the environment has given them great results.

Farm info

  • El Ciénago
  • Punitaqui, Coquimbo Region
  • José Tomás Peñafiel
  • Table grapes: Red Globe, Crimson Seedless & Queen Rose
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